From Record Heat to Record Wind

Satellite UK photo

DTN Weather,
September 24, 2018

This past summer for the United Kingdom was one of the hottest on record according to the UK Met Office. The mean temperature from June to August 2018 for the UK as a whole was set at 15.8°C, which ties with the previous years of 1976, 2003, and 2006. Meanwhile, England specifically experienced their hottest summer yet, with an average temperature recorded at 17.2°C. This beats the previous record set back in 1976 by 0.1°C.

Not only was this England’s hottest summer, but it was also one of their driest. Satellite imagery from the European Space Agency captured the effects of this hot and dry season showing a notable change from healthy vegetation to a mainly brown landscape over just the course of a month.

Satellite UK photoSatellite UK photo

Fast forward to September, and storm season has begun. The first strong low-pressure system to impact the region was Storm Ali on September 18-19. This system packed quite a punch, as it brought destructive winds and heavy rains across Ireland and the northern UK. Ireland, in particular, recorded its highest September wind gust at 91mph. Meanwhile, exposed areas of Scotland clocked in gusts around 100mph.

Following swiftly behind Ali was Storm Bronagh, impacting the region September 20-21. Although not as strong as Ali, Bronagh still brought 40-50mph winds, gusts up to 78mph, and some flooding. Fortunately, high pressure is forecast to dominate much of the UK in the coming week and allow for the region to get a break from such harsh conditions.