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Meteorology Consulting for Sports, Recreation and Venues

Keep athletes, staff and spectators safe from inclement weather

The safety of your athletes, staff and event attendees is incredibly important. It isn’t enough to rely on free weather forecasts or local news networks to ensure their safety from inclement weather. Choose your level of support and get the accurate, local, and timely weather information you need to keep all of your events running smoothly and safely.

With our three tiers of meteorology consulting services, you will receive weather-related decision support solutions from DTN’s dedicated sports and recreation meteorologists who provide consultations tailored around event and venue forecasts, lightning, and heat safety. If there’s a weather condition that is concerning, you can consult through DTN Expert OnCall with one of our meteorologists online or over the phone for quick answers. DTN also offers dedicated event monitoring with DTN Expert OnWatch and even DTN Expert OnSite services for large events. No more guessing if games should be delayed, cancelled, or played with our expert advice.

Custom forecast parameters keep you in control

Keeping tabs on the weather outlook and current conditions is only part of your job, with every tier of our Meteorology Consulting services, you can set custom weather parameters and thresholds that are problematic for your events. If a situation occurs our forecasters will highlight the probabilities of achieving these conditions and alert you if dangerous weather nears. The experts at DTN will stay on top of the weather for you, so you can concentrate on the other demanding aspects of your job.

Learn more about DTN Expert OnCall, DTN Expert OnWatch and DTN Expert OnSite meteorology consulting services and get started with a free demo. Feel safe knowing the experts at DTN are watching the skies for you.

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