Weather Stations

Up your weather prediction game.

Nothing ruins a good sporting event as quickly as bad weather. Cancellations and rain delays are not only bad for team spirit—they can do serious damage to your bottom line. Weather Stations give you access to instant, real-time weather data for your exact location, helping you make the safest, smartest decision about whether you need to sit this one out, or whether it’s game on.

Fewer delays. Less risk. More play.

Weather Stations integrate seamlessly with WeatherSentry® to create a total solution for all your weather-predicting needs. The stations, strategically positioned around your venue, gather hyper-local insights that can be used to assess current weather conditions, create forecasts for upcoming weather, and even trigger alerts. WeatherSentry detects lightning, approaching storms, severe heat conditions, and more – all viewable in an easy-to-read display on your mobile or desktop device.

Say goodbye to last-minute cancellations, rain delays, and hasty evacuations, and say hello to superior weather information that will help you protect your players, your patrons, and your bottom line.

Explore a free demo and be ready to up your weather prediction game.

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